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film quotes and love notes...

i am here in nj spending less than 24 hours in the place i used to call home. i spent the first two weeks of summer in nj and the next two in massachussetts, and i must admit that northampton already feels more like home than new jersey. the diner was unusually empty tonight. the only friends that were here were the ones that also happen to be waitresses. i'm running on a weeks worth of sleepless nights and unhealthy eating. i will never be able to look at stop and shop pasta the same way again. i never really got used to sleeping on a couch that is shorter than me. it's grown uncomfortably warm rather quickly in the happy valley. it's too hot to do anything but sit in thorns or on the one shaded bench on pleasent street (the stupid looker bench). i have recently discovered that it is possible to survive on bananarama mocha java smoothies with a shot of protien powder along with my daily large iced coffee from haymarket. i have been super caffienated and filled with nicotine ever since arriving in northampton. maybe this is why i can't sleep.
at this time tomorrow i will be hopefully semi-settled at a house, sleeping in my own bed, or at least the matress, depending on how much room we have in the van. everyone tells me this will be an interesting summer, my first time not living in my parents house and working too many hours at a certain shoe store in flemington. not that working at faces is any better, but the pay is better, and the people for the most part are nicer. it's a good feeling not being called 'sir' by customers.
i have visions of a sort of summer romance. these are always the best kind. it's strange to somehow find myself with a girl that is shyer than me. conversations tend to ramble on endlessly, vaguely making references to the things we really want to say. i'm attempting to stop my bad habit of comapring everything to a film or using other people's song lyrics as a filter for the monologue goinging on inside my head.
as jill and i were trying to wrap up an evening of avoiding all uncomfortable subject matter, i realized that life really would be much easier if we all had the voice over narration that occurs on shows like 'my so called life' and 'the wonder years.' the voice of the characters thoughts. if only i could push a button and have that narrator say the monologue in my head, everything would be so much easier. maybe i'll learn how to communicate like a normal human being by the end of the summer...until then it's all film quotes, song lyrics, and stupid notes containing a mix of the two.
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