Heather (guitariot) wrote,

it's a big old house and there's not much room but there's nothing that i wouldn't say to you...

back at the smith library once again. i seem to have found myself incredibly busy doing absolutely nothing. northampton officially feels like home.
i sometimes forget i am still just a college student living up here to avoid dorm life drama. it's a nice feeling having a place that's more than just a room in a hallway with a bathroom down the hall and 4 flights of stairs away from the outside world. sharing a room with jon reminds me of a junior high slumber party. there's always so much gossip to share, and we have surprisingly avoided spending every waking second together, although i have to admit everything seems a little off if he's gone for too long.
i feel pretty settled in to the house now, even though right now our furniture consists of a make-shift mattress couch and some metal folding chairs. we just got a pot and pan yesterday. living off of two dollar nini's pizza was starting to kill me slowly, so i figured out a way to make rammen in the coffee maker, which was a huge disaster, but i ate it anyway. i'm still enjoying electricity and hot water. my stereo has been on non-stop since the power was turned on. recently the only thing it's played is jill's mixed tape, and for the past two days only the song valentine by small factory, which i taught myself on guitar as well.
i still hate my job just as much as the last time i wrote. recently faces has been throwing me downstairs to sell candles, which started out boring until they handed me a label maker and let me make up creative names for everything downstairs. just as i was becomming well aquainted with the candles and houseware stuff i got put back in toys again. at my manager's suggestion i began to attempt to have conversations with the customers. no one ever wants to talk to me though, so this being friendly thing is going to stop soon. the best thing about working in toys is the signs i can make for myself on the little pieces of paper where customers are suppossed to test all the crazy pens we sell. a random customer wrote "heather is nice" on one, which was strange since i didn't say anything other than "that will be (insert price here), do you want a bag for that?, and have a nice night." it amazes me that people can spend $40 on greeting cards, one of the few items that requires me to type lots of stuff instead of just scanning it. i think we need a tip jar. i have been offered tips twice since i started working there. one guy told me to "keep the change" which was 5 cents. we're not allowed to though. i think if anyone deserves tips it is faces employees, our job is hundreds of times more stressful than sweeties, and they get tips.
speaking of sweeties, i still spend half my life in that place. kevin smith should really consider making a movie about it. i'm just waiting for someone to quit, i might as well get paid for hanging out like everyone else does. i at least wish i liked candy more, because i could eat all the candy free of charge if i felt like it.
i'm running out of things to say. but i would like to say that i was once again disappoined in the lack of e-mail i recieved today.
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