Heather (guitariot) wrote,

have you eaten today?

once again it's been an extremely long time since i've written on this thing, and as usual i am in the smith library which is my only free connection to things outside of northampton.
i've heard rumor that natalie is back...natalie if you are back you should give jon and i a call, we've been antisipating your arrival for weeks.
so not much has changed since i last wrote. the only real change is that i realized a few days ago that i actually do like my job. i complain about all the time, but i kind of enjoy faces. i always have a million and one stories to tell every night when i get off work. there's been a lot of tourists in town recenetly and all of them make it a point to stop by faces before they leave.
i don't really understand why anyone would choose northampton as a vacation destination, but more people than i ever imagined do. it's kind of fun to observe the tourists from a distance. the other night i had an interesting encounter with a group of yuppie tourists. i was sitting outside of faces taking my ten minute break, frantically try to finish my second cigarette before my time was up, and this group of about 5 tourists walked by, staring at me and said, "well, that one must be a local."
the other strange occurence i've noticed with tourists is that they all seem to asume i am hoemless. a few nights each week i will either be sitting outside of sweeties waiting for jon to get off work, or outside of turn it up waiting for jill, and random people either stare at me with a sad look at their face, or offer me food. my favorite example is this sketchy middle aged man.
he sat down next to me and said, "do you mind if i sit here?" i really didn't feel like talking to him, so i just said, "no, whatever." i didn't even look at him, because he seemed slightly off. he said, "have you eaten today." i said, "yes, i ate quite a bit today." he responded with, "well, i have so excellent leftovers from this itallian restaurant if you're hungry." all i said was, "i'm not hungry, i already ate." he didn't seem to believe me, and then broke into this pathetic story about how him and his girlfriend got in a huge fight at dinner (i asume the italian place) and she got up and left him. i guess he wanted my sympathy, or was just looking for a girl to fill the void. i continued to ignore him until jon got off of work and saved me.
the crazies really enjoy my company in this town.
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