Heather (guitariot) wrote,

heat wave 2002

it is hot, and a part of me is almost looking foward to getting up at an ungodly hour (before 10am) to work in air-conditioning
for 8 hours. this may have something to do with the fact that there is not only one truely functioning fan in the house and no matter how hot it gets outside, its always 10 degrees warmer in here. i was sweating less than a minute after getting out of the shower.
i have just finished off my third can of diet dr pepper...it's too hot for coffee, and walking to town for the iced variety was not something i really felt like doing...
...i've come to the realization that i can't part my car with an audience. i feel i've mastered the art of squeezing my car into spots that look too small, but this afternoon as an elderly looking man looked on, i could not even back into an enormous spot.
i think it's too hot to have the computer on.
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