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slowly sinking in the vast ambivalent sea of california

i have officially finished my art history paper. i finished it last night at 4am. it completely sucked, but it's handed in and out of my mind. i don't want to do anything after that hellish experience, so i did absolutely no work tonight to celebrate.
justin and i bleached our hair tonight. well, actually he just bleached his mullet-esque thing on the back of his head, but i am blonde again, along with about 3 other people on the floor that used the left over bleach. feria give you more bleach than you'd ever need.
i had two job interviews today. one at booklink that didn't go well at all. the super pretentious owner hated me, and i hated him. faces went much better. the two women that interviewed me had both worked in shoe stores, and we talked about selling shoes for about 10 minutes, telling horror stories of gross foot problems and screaming kids convinced their feet are 4 sizes bigger than they actually are.
tonight i went to the waitley diner with justin, alex, ellen, and julia. it was the weirdest hanging out experience. alex, ellen, and julia were incredibly obnoxious, and justin and i at times had to pretend we didn't know them. i never would have thought the three of them could have created such a scene. justin's a lot of fun, i wish he wasn't moving to california, the state that sucks up everything and everyone that is cool. it will once again steal more people from me.
i guess that's why quasi wrote that depressing song about it...
"life is dull, life is grey,
at it's best it's just ok,
but i'm happy to report, life is also short.
so i find myself back in california. i'm a coolie for the tourists, those happy epicureans: evil spectres from my own suburban upbring
as i reveal points of interest, i can chat so pleasently,
but it's hard to be cheerful when you feel so hopeless
and there's no reason for this dark mood.
it will pass; it will return, but will i ever learn?
and the children of privilege begging for my spare change.
do they need my assistance to purchase their intoxicants,
or would they best be served a swift kick
slowly sinking in the vast ambivalent sea of california.
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