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dirty feet 5 days a week with 30 minutes left to eat

today was my first day of work at faces. i got thrown onto register 5 minutes after showing up. i didn't really have that much of an idea of what i was doing, but three people had called out that day, and someone had to work. it wasn't so bad, but i screwed up a lot. it was ten million times better than reebok could ever be, mostly because faces is non-corporate and they don't take themselves seriously at all. my low point today came when i asked a woman buying a huge 6 foot tall lamp if she wanted a bag. she just stared blankly and said "long day i guess."
it's sort of nice to be working again. i always feel like a complete slacker when i don't. i guess if i'm not going to be doing school work, i might as well be making money.
everyone seems to shop there, because as i took the bus home i noticed that everyone looked strangely familiar, then i realized they all had faces bags, meaning they had all handed their hard earned cash over to me between the hours of 3:30 and 9:30pm. i guess that would explain all the akward stares on the bus.
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