Heather (guitariot) wrote,

if a room could speak for itself, this would be the way it would go...

i have decided to give school one last try. i had completely given up on it for a while, but with the due date for my 10 page final avant garde film paper looming in the not so distant future, i gave in and set aside some time to think about it. for some reason i have this overwhelming urge to write about the two most extremly avant garde films we watched, "wavelength" and "la jetee". what this all means is that i will spend a large portion of tomorrow locked in the library vcr cage watching a camera zoom for 45 minutes in an empty room with ambiant sounds blaring in my ears. i wish i knew what the appeal of this sort of thing was. the first time i watched wavelength i promised myself i'd never do it again. it's not that i didn't like it, but there's something about seeing it for the first time in a group of 100+ and watching the audience slowly filter out. i doubt it's going to have the same effect this time, although i guess the people locked in the cage with me may wonder why there's some girl staring intently at an image that doesn't appear to be doing much of anything. the prospect of writing a paper is starting to excite me again. maybe doing something productive and accomplishing something for the first time in a month will make me remember why i decided to take 4 film classes next semester...
in the words of the director himself..."It is a total glissando while the film is a crescendo and a dispersed spectrum which attemps to utilize the gifts of both prophecy and memory which only film and music have to offer."
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