Heather (guitariot) wrote,

surprised to find the windshield wipers are still on...

i'm in the smith library. i never write anymore because my computer is in pieces burried under other people's stuff in anne-marie's extra room. i already feel like northampton in home. it's nice to finally feel at home somewhere, and not living between two states in a dorm room and with my parents. we move into our house very soon, which is an exciting feeling. my life now basically consists of occational work at faces and lots of time sitting on benches in northampton people watching and checking out all the interesting people that walk by.
i already have a crush...on none other than jon's boss. i always forget she's his boss because she's basically the same age as me, and she hangs out with us all the time as friends. jon seems to have found himself working at the best job in northampton on the most populated street corner. it was not too long ago that i was working the main register at faces, right next to the door, people watching the day away. now they moved me to the back, in the toy department. i can't even see the door from there. they day crawls by slowly in the back of the store, occationally ringing up greeting cards and strange toys that i've never seen anywhere else. the highlight of my days there seems to be changing the batteries in the toy planes that fly around in circles above everyones heads. for some reason i also seem to have a strange love for folding shirts. i guess because i got so good at it while i was apparel girl at reebok last summer. once a woman tried on every mask behind my register while strutting around the store in a feather boa, she left a few hours later, buying nothing, and leaving her cha cha cha leftovers behind.
i am glad to have this much needed break from school, and i am looking foward to some sort of summer romance. i was enjoying this whole beging single thing too, i think i get crushes too easily. sitting outside of sweeties smoking cigarettes isn't going to get me anywhere, it just makes me feel like a stalker...which i am definetly not. jon, her, and i sat on a bench today, jon between the two of us keeping the conversation going. we watched the cars go by, commenting on the people who looked at us. there's something fun about catching people in passing cars staring.
since leaving nj i've grown addited to mocha java smoothies and iced coffees from hay market.
i smoke two many cigarettes and talk about my band too much. going back to nj on saturday is going to be weird. it always feels strange, but this time it won't even feel like i'm going home. it will feel more like a visit, stopping by to say hello to the few friends i have left there and my parents. it looks like this summer may be more interesting than i originally thought
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