Heather (guitariot) wrote,

wet pavement...

i am never online anymore, but not much has chnaged since the summer began. august 4th is coming up quicker than ever, and i am getting nervous. it hit me at work the other day. if i forget the lyrics or break a string we are just drums and violin. jon keeps saying that the future of the band basically relies on this one show. if people hate us no one will ever want to come out and see us play again. i'm sure my legs will just shake uncontrollably for the first song like they always do and then i will be fine.
next week is the northampton sidewalk sale. this translates to an overabundance of tourists and hours and hours of work for me. faces sceduled me tuesday-saturday. all i want is for next week to go away.
jill has strep-throut, i fear i am going to get it too. jon and i had ourselves convinced that our throuts hurt the other night after we heard about jill, but we're both fine. she's supposedly contagious for 24 hours, which technically means i should be sick by now. at least it's not mono, i have this skill of being surrounded by people with mono and never actually getting it, let's hope i'm the same way with strep-throut.
i'm in an incredibly weird mood today, i think due mostly to the lack of sleep i've been getting. i can't sleep until the sun starts to rise and the birds have begun to sing. i think i slept 3 hours last night. jon woke me up around noon, and i laid around for the next hour and a half going in and out of sleep, having the strangest dreams involving jon, who was usually saying, "wake up heather."
on our way into town today jon and i came up with an idea that i think only we find funny. there's this parking lot that has been getting fixed up for a while, and today it appeared they had finally paved it. we usually have to cross the entrance of this parking lot because it intersects with the sidewalk. today, noticing the fresh pavement, we stared at it for a while not sure what the proper course of action would be, walk accross seemingly wet pavement, or just walk around it in the street. we debated for a while, poked at it with a stick, and then took one step.
it looked like it would be fun to walk accross, but we decided to wait and see what a girl walking towards it in the other direction would do. she walked around it, we decided that we should do the same. those giant orange cones were there for a reason i suppose.
the idea jon and i had was to make short films (straring us of course) about these very situations that are so stupid and random, but completely consuming...kind of like a seinfield episode.
so that has been my day so far, it sounds a lot like the days that came before it too, nothing exciting, but i'm not so bored i can't take it.
i am craving a smoothie right now, so i must go...
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