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$114 million in three days!

somehow spiderman has become the film with the most successful opening weekend ever! it made $114 million in 3 days. i haven't seen it, and i don't really want to. personally, i think batman was probably better. even more disturbing, the director signed on for a three film contract, so be on the lookout for spiderman 2 and spiderman 3. i wonder who the next super hero to have his/her own movie will be. i'm putting my money down on wonderwoman. at work i've noticed an excessive amount of wonder woman items coming in. maybe i'm so out of touch that this movie is already in the works. personally i'd like to see a gumby movie, or maybe ren & stimpy. yes, ren & stimpy is what i'd like to see as a feature film complete, with powerdered toast man and log.
you know, now that i think about it, captain
america will be the next film in order to
build patriotic youth in this country. what has this country come to?
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