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beginning at the end...

i went and saw momento with alex, justin, and jaime tonight. i just walked in the door and in the words of christina, "everyone and their mother was looking for you tonight." i never made it back from the dc. alex asked if i wanted to see momento as we were smoking our after dinner cigarette. i had work, but that hasn't seemed to stop me this semester. the film was interesting, i enjoyed it. it started at the end and went backwards, and not in the way those disjointed films like pulp fiction do that go all out of order, it really started with the last scene and ended with the first scene. it ripped off fight club slightly, but overall it was like nothing i had seen. it was nice seeing a film that i didn't have to write a paper on. it's the first thing i've seen in so long i didn't have to anaylize, but of course i tore it apart anyway.
we made a date to see "in the mood for love" saturday night after i get off work.
in conclusion, momento was a good film. i'd recommend it, i'm sure i'll be seeing it again.
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